Comparing Online and Live Poker: What You Need to Know

Most poker players love playing both online and offline, so it’s important to understand the key distinctions between the two.


These days, many aspiring poker players get their feet wet in free online games before moving on to real-money tournaments. If you want to improve your poker skills and feel more at ease when playing for real money, this is a great method to do it.

Poker may be played both online and offline, but there are some subtle distinctions that you should be aware of. It is true that if you don’t know the distinctions between online and live poker, you might be incredibly excellent at online and really bad at live poker.

Distinctive Features

The first significant distinction is that online poker has a considerably quicker pace than live poker. When playing online, you can skip the dealer and get straight to the action. This changeover typically leads to online players to feel restless and frustrated. Offline poker requires a lot more patience than online poker.

It’s easy to see that ‘poker tells’ play a far larger role in live poker than they do in internet poker if you compare the two. This is due to the fact that in a live game, these tells are considerably more noticeable. Beginners have a strong chance of winning while playing against experienced players in online poker.

In online poker, the only true tells are related to betting patterns and game pace. When playing poker online, your opponents won’t be able to see if you’re sweating, shaking, or even hyperventilating. They are not obligated to make a wager adjustment or change their strategy because of this. The negative to this is that, by playing online poker, you will not be able to learn all the specific methods involved in hiding your poker tells or reading those of your opponents.

While you can easily identify your physical opponents, online poker players can hide their identities. Unless your opponent is very forthcoming about their skill level or you happen to know their user name, you will have no idea whether you are up against a seasoned pro or a rank amateur. You might ‘just know’ more about a cardsharp when you meet them in person. The assurance may reveal all. One piece of advice for online gaming is to never blindly trust a user’s name. Someone who identifies as “BettyBoop” may or may not be a female. Some con artists believe their game would improve if they use a female identity since their opponents will feel sorry for them.


In conclusion, poker may be learned and maintained through online play. Keep in mind, too, that mastering one form of poker does not automatically make you an expert at the other; there are significant differences between online and offline poker.

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