Slot Overview: “Coils of Cash”

The consistent slot dump by Play’n GO has the benefit of hiding a number of polished jewels among the fillers and throwaways. Coils of Cash is one game that sneaks into the second category despite its seeming simplicity. A glance at the paytable may fool you into thinking otherwise, but a closer examination will have you scratching your head in astonishment. Coils of Cash is a hugely fun slot that can reward like few others in Play’n GO’s extensive back catalogue, for whatever reason Play’n GO opted to go big on it.

The events in Coils of Cash occur around the tail end of the 19th century, when scientists and thinkers like Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and George Westinghouse were challenging conventional wisdom. Although these scientists’ biggest dreams may not have come true, the world is far better off because of their ingenuity. When it gets dark during our era, we simply turn on a light. We seldom even notice the quantum leap in convenience that harnessing electricity represents. Anyway, the scientific avant-garde provides the backdrop for Coils of Cash.

Coils of Cash looks a lot like Megaways at first glance, with its one horizontal reel superimposed over the game’s six standard reels. However, the fact that the main reels only have three places and the number of win ways is ‘only’ 2,304 swiftly shifts your perspective. The backdrop, which depicts vintage electrical equipment and is topped with Art Deco type, fits the topic perfectly. It has a pleasant, understated appearance that gives no hint of the excitement that is to come.

Join the digital revolution on any gadget with wagers ranging from 10 percent to one hundred dollars or euros. The potential is the most impressive statistic, but all of the others are solid as well. While the default RTP of 96.2% isn’t terrible, it is adjustable, so it’s important to double-check which version you’re about to take on. Play’n GO rates the volatility of Coils of Cash as a ten, making it as dangerous as possible and providing an excellent environment for serious gamblers to unlock the game’s massive payouts.

It’s possible to win with as little as three matching symbols and as many as six. Six of the payout icons are standard playing card faces from 9 to Ace, but the other four are genuinely indefinable examples of retrofuturistic technology. The fundamental idea is to get a line of six image symbols, which pays off between 2.5 and 5 times the wager if you’re lucky. A ‘W’ wild appears only on the game’s horizontal reel and can be substituted for any other normal pay symbol to help complete winning combos.

Slot Machines with a Twisting Fortune

The central element of the game is a cascading effect that occurs after each successful play. The removal of winning symbols makes room for other symbols to potentially form new combinations. If no fresh wins are made, the system continues.

The Power Coil, a horizontal reel with four positions, is designed to work in tandem with cascades. Each symbol on the Power Coil has the potential to trigger a multiplier that increases by one for each consecutive cascade of that symbol on the reel it appears on, up to a maximum multiplier of five. If a winning combination includes a symbol from the Power Coil that also contains a multiplier, the multiplier will be added to the win. Multipliers of more than one are added together to a maximum of x625. When cascade sequences conclude in the regular game, multipliers are reset to their initial values.

Free games of 10, 15, 20, or 25 are awarded for landing 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatters. If the triggering spin has a Power Coil multiplier, the multiplier will remain in effect during the bonus round. Two more free games are added if a scatter appears throughout the round.

Slot Machine’s Winning Coil of Money

Coils of Cash is like an antique that piques your interest at first glance but reveals its true uniqueness only after you take a closer look. The initial shock comes from realizing that this is one of the highest paying slots Play’n GO has ever produced. It would have been strange, but not unprecedented, to get huge multipliers but only average potential. It happens more often than you’d think. Play’n GO avoids this awkward situation by following through on the 625x multiplier with potential wins as high as 30,000 times the stake. We’re used to 5k numbers, the odd 10k at times from the studio, but with Coils of Cash they’ve truly blown the roof open.

Quite why they’ve chosen to do so, in what may come off as a bit low key spot at first, is anyone’s guess. But there you have it, so for gamers who want to chase down large victories, Coils of Cash is a rather fascinating method of doing it. Multipliers, multiplying each other are typically a formula for success which is absolutely the case in Coils of Cash. Naturally, mega payouts are rare (less than 1 in 100m), but a bunch of Power Coils multipliers can quickly launch an average win into the stratosphere. On paper, matching this ability with a highly volatile setting is exciting; in action, you might have to stand back to avoid the sparks. The use of a cascading wins system is another welcome addition, adding to the Megaways feel while providing extra entertainment when spinning for those enticing multipliers.

Like a 19th-century electronic device, approaching Coils of Cash requires a dose of caution. It’s a game that offers a lot, yet might also burn the unwary since it won’t be easy to crack. If it does though, and the Power Coils fire to life, you’ll be as giddy as Edison when he finally got his 10,000th lightbulb to work properly.

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